Ventriloquist Figure Builder, Scott Bryte Part 4

More info and pics from Keith Suranna of the ventriloquist figure that Scott Bryte is building for him.


Attached are more of Scott’s work. I am truly amazed by his attention to detail. I have no doubt that he is definitely one of the best makers out there!

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Bryte-Suranna 21

Bryte-Suranna 22

Bryte-Suranna 23

Bryte-Suranna 25

Bryte-Suranna 26

Bryte-Suranna 27

Bryte-Suranna 28

Bryte-Suranna 24


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All I can say is….”WOW”!!!




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3 Responses to Ventriloquist Figure Builder, Scott Bryte Part 4

  1. LeeDean says:

    Very nice work… Just found out that Ken Kesey, author of One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest, novel written in 1962, performed by Jack Nicholson in 1975 received best picture and best actor, actress, director and adapted screenplay awards in 1975, was a ventriloquist.

    • Alan Semok says:

      I’m late to the party here, having just stumbled upon it by accident…but yes, Ken Kesey was indeed a ventriloquist (and by all accounts, an accomplished one, too).
      In 2010, I was hired as a consultant for a documentary film about Kesey and the infamous cross country ‘acid test’ journey in an old school bus.
      Because of my expertise with Insull figures, I was also assigned the task of restoring the Insull figure Kesey owned, so it could be used in the documentary film, “MAGIC BUS”.
      You can see the figure (albeit very briefly) in the film (which is available on Netflix as well as on DVD through Amazon).

  2. Philip Grecian says:

    I’ve never seen it done that way! Been following each chapter. Amazing!

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