Ventriloquist Figure Builder, Scott Bryte Part 3

More pics from Keith Suranna of the ventriloquist figure that Scott Bryte is building for him.

Bryte-Suranna 13

Bryte-Suranna 14

Bryte-Suranna 16

Bryte-Suranna 17

Bryte-Suranna 19

Bryte-Suranna 20


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8 Responses to Ventriloquist Figure Builder, Scott Bryte Part 3

  1. Bob Isaacson says:

    Very unique & innovative figure. Cute look too ,as well as being carved. Congratulations to Scott.

  2. Jim MIller says:

    Awesome work!!!!

  3. Scott Bryte says:

    Thanks to everyone for their kind comments, and to Ventriloquist Central for posting these pictures

  4. Phil Nichols says:

    This is AWESOME

  5. bob abdou says:

    wow, I can’t wait to see what Scott does next??
    hint hint

  6. Steve Barry says:

    Excellent work Scott! Very skilled craftmanship!

  7. Jack Freeheart says:

    how much to carve me one :)

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