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Our goal all along was to make the forum open to anyone.  But, due to the excessive SPAM that had been posted on the Ventriloquist Central Forum in that past, we had to make some slight changes to the forum. 

The forum is still open to anyone who wants to participate, however, from now on you will need to sign up as a member to participate.  But don’t fret….Steve Hurst (the webmaster) has created an instructional video that shows you how to sign up.   

We are doing this to keep the SPAMMERS from doing what we called “open posting” to our forum. 

To sign up, just to the Ventriloquist Central Forum, click on the “Video Instruction” link and you’re off and running. 

To all of you that have been posting your thoughts and ideas to the forum, please continue to do so.  Sharing your ideas is what the forum is all about. 

Click Here for the Ventriloquist Central Forum 


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