Collecting Ventriloquist Figures … William Brown

Back in the mid 1950’s there was a figure maker named William Kirk Brown who made some pretty interesting paper mache ventriloquist figures. Paper mache was not being used very much by this time with figures now being carved from wood or done in wood dough.  

William Kirk Brown was inspired by W.S. Berger who gave him a book from England showing some puppets and Mr Brown copied their look. Although his figures are rare today (I have only been offered one of his figures) they are not too valuable and you can purchase them usually under the $700.00 price range.  

I myself think that is too much money but these will sell to the antique dealer as folk art which takes them out of the ventriloquist world and place them on a different level. Below is a sales brochure for your viewing pleasure (click the thumbnail for a larger view).

Ventriloquist Dummy Maker William Kirk Brown Brochure


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