Ventriloquist Edgar Bergen's…Charlie McCarthy

The third and only remaining “Charlie McCarthy,” Edgar Bergen’s historic co-star, will find a happy new home.

One “Charlie” is at the Smithsonian, a second in Chicago’s Museum of Broadcasting and the third “Charlie” has been resting in the business manager’s office of the Edgar Bergen Foundation all these years.

Now there’s a great reason for him to come to life.

On Oct. 26 the Thousand Oaks Library Foundation gala will announce plans for the American Radio and Archive Museum and theater. And to make that dream come true, the Edgar and Frances Bergen Foundation is donating one million dollars for its construction. The priceless shows of radio’s history — of course including the “Charlie McCarthy Shows” — will be saved, protected in a climate-controlled facility forever.

Guest Blog – Joe Lopez

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  1. Larry Harris says:

    I am glad to hear that the news about the museum. There are a lot of films out there that we need to protect from that era.

    Edgar Bergen did so much for the art. It is really good to see that there will a place for coming generations to see how the art was in its heyday.

    I wonder of Candace and Chris will be there for the opening. I wonder where the Mortimer’s are housed these days? I know one of them is in Chicago. Mort has always been my favorite.

    Larry Harris – ComicVent

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