Packing A Ventriloquist Figure for Shipping

From time to time I get asked this question or I hear of a horror story when someone receives a ventriloquist figure that has been destroyed during shipping.

Nothing can take the wind out of your sails faster than when you have purchased a ventriloquist figure and when you open the box you find he has been damaged.

This has happened to me more times than I would like to say and of course going through the battle with the shipping companies is a night mare because they do not want to pay even when insurance has been purchased. It is always the fault of the shippers bad packing. So here is how I pack for shipping and so far I have never had a problem….knock on wood !!!

The first thing you need is the bubble wrap with the large bubbles. This is the major item needed to protect the head from damage. I like to wrap the head so that there is a 2″ thick cushion of bubble wrap around the head and the head stick. Then you find a small cardboard box that this wrapped head will fit into and pack him tight in that box.

Now wrap the hands in a layer of bubble wrap and then place them inside the body and fold the legs up over the back hole covering the hands inside the body. Go into the kitchen and get the Saran Wrap from under the sink, and wrap up the body in this configuration in the Saran Wrap. The reason for this is it eliminates having to remove the styro foam peanuts from the body when unpacking.

Now you find a box large enough to put the boxed head and wrapped body into for shipping. I also collect the cardboard cup holders that you get in McDonalds or Dunkin Donuts that hold drinks because they are formed cardboard and are very strong to use for packing. You place them all around the inside of the box when packing.

I put a layer of cup holders on the bottom and add some peanuts, Place the body on this then you place the packed head inside as well, Put cup holders on the sides, add peanuts then cup holders again on the top before sealing. This gives you the protection needed and you will never have a problem again in shipping a vent figure.

It seems like a bit of work but for the piece of mind it is worth it. You must remember that once you give the package to the shipper, some of the workers that they use are like gorillas (remember the old American Tourister luggage commercial) and you have to just assume the package is going to get thrown around because it will.

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  1. Tony Davis says:

    Touched Dan! You are right on the mark as usual.

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