Bill DeMar's…Chuck Norwood

I assume most of us know the happenings that befell Chuck Norwood at the Vent Haven convention this past July. Luckily Lee Dunn was on hand and he was able to do a quick fix to keep Bill on the Saturday evening performance. After that though it was quite evident that the time had come for Chuck to be refurbished. Al Stevens became that man to do the complete job.

Al has graciously posted on his blog his steps so that everyone could see exactly what he is doing to accomplish this great project. Unfortunately Al received a bit of chastising on World Vents for displaying the original all around eye movement created for Chuck some 20 years ago by Ray Guyll…. and that really surprised me. I can let everyone know that I personally spoke with Ray Guyll and he had no problem with Al showing off the repaired mechanism which he had built so long ago. Ray let me know that he feels this type of information is crucial for the preservation and continuance of our great art form. Both the creation of the figures and the use of them.

Al has done a great job and if you have not been to his blog, check it out…..

Click Here For Al Steven’s Blog

 You can see for yourself the great job he has done so far on this project.

Al I just want to say you are doing a great job and keep up the good work.


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