Where Do I Get Them???

I am constantly asked ,” How do you find these incredible figures?” The answer is simple, I search for them everywhere. I ask everyone that I come into contact with if they or anyone in their family was ever into ventriloquism or magic. You see magic is a very close relative in the world of ventriloquism. In actuality as a ventriloquist you are doing an illusion. Making an inanimate figure talk. So asking if a magician has an old ventriloquist figure is not a far fetched idea and it has worked for me many times. It is true that most of the time they are toys because the magician never really got far into the science of the art so never upgraded the figure, but every now and again a great old figure will surface.

I have also kept in touch with many antique dealers over the years and they all know that I will purchase a vent figure if they find one. This is a rather rare occurrence too but it has happened for me more than once. Also once others in the collecting aspect of the ventriloquism field find out that you are willing to pay the price for a figure they will respond to you. I have made some great friends in the collecting of ventriloquist figures and they know I will pay the price to get a great figure.

So there you have it, search everywhere, with everyone and be ready to pay and you too will find some great figures. Just remember to contact me when you do!!


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