1930’s Effanbee Charlie McCarthy Great Figures

If you love Charlie McCarthy then you will love the Effanbee Charlie McCarthy put out by this co with permission from Edgar Bergan, and so marked on the back of its neck, back in the late 1930’s. This figure had a likeness that is almost exact to Charlie McCarthy and was sculpted for Effanbee by Virginia Curtis . This doll had a working mouth by way of a string out the back of the neck and came in 2 different sizes.

The 20″ tall version came dressed in a full black tuxedo with tails, white shirt with pearl buttons, bow tie, top hat and a pinback that said en Effanbee product with a picture of Charlie McCarthy. Many people list figures for sale claiming that they are Effanbee but unless you have the markings on the back of the neck that says ” Edgar Bergen’s Charlie McCarthy by Effanbee” they are more than likely made by K&S
The 16″ size Charlie also came in complete tuxedo but was also available in an array of other outfits both casual and dress.

These figures were made of composition. That is the head, hands and feet are made of composition. You will see some sellers saying the hands and feet are wood but that is incorrect. The head is attached to the body with a neck plate and the clothing is pinned to the body. The arms, legs and body are stuffed and were done in the highest of quality. These were not a regular doll that kids played with but were sold as collector’s dolls even back then. Even aldults were taken with the Charlie McCarthy craze back then.

Effanbee also produced a W.C. Fields figure to go along with Charlie McCarthy and they are much more rare today than the Charlie doll.

I have included some pictures of these dolls so that you will know for sure you are looking at the real Effanbee Charlie McCarthy.

Effanbee Charlie McCarthy Effanbee Charlie McCarthy Effanbee Charlie McCarthy

Effanbee Charlie McCarthy Effanbee Charlie McCarthy


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