Happy New Year From Ventriloquist Central

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Happy New Year from Dan and Steve


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  1. BILL NELSON says:

    I have found a serious problem with direct linkage and that is, the lubricant makers use to keep the metal parts moving smoothly, attracts dust like a magnet and pretty soon that dust is going to cause major problems as it mixes with the lubricant to form a hardened mass at each juncture.
    Now, I can`t predict what this will do to the actual movement and noise, but it couldn`t be good.
    I have lost commissions because I don`t do direct linkage , brass parts…and, if they only knew that , as Dan said, repairing them takes an engineering degree and, until this dust problem is somehow dealt with, things are only going to go from bad to worse.
    As much as I love Glenn McElroy`s work, take a look at the ‘innards’ of HAPPY, before Ray began the elaborate overhaul that had to be done… It`s greasy, dust filled mess.
    Direct linkage is akin to us…as we get older, the lubrication in our joints gets “dusty” and diminished and things begin to creak and not work as well.
    Now I know that many ventriloquists feel good knowing there is all brass inside so things aren`t going to break on stage and I do understand that feeling of assurance…but wait until they need repair, freeze up and lock during a performance, with the warning signs being noise as the parts begin to lose their lubrication and start to grind against each other.
    Prhaps it`s just comes down to a matteir of choice…nether system is perfect, but one is, as Dan said, is easier to repair.

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