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If you think that you are going to be sure of a quality packing job just because you take your figure to a UPS store, don’t get too thrilled. I hate to be the one that spoils everyone’s thoughts especially at this time of the year but…Unless you watch them to see that you item is packed properly you take a chance. I myself just had this problem. Not that I had them pack for me but a figure which I was receiving was sent by way of a UPS Store and the packing was non exist and resulted in a total destruction of a great figure.
I know you will find it hard to believe but the UPS store just put the head into the box, laid the body on the top of the head then put crumpled up paper to take up the rest of the room in the box and sealed it closed. Yes this is the truth. No bubble wrap, no popcorn, no styrofoam protection of any sorts. The first time this box was put down the head was toast. Now UPS assured me, when I put in the claim that reimbursement would be made to the shipper who had fully insured the figure, but who wants the money?? I wanted the figure. These idiots don’t understand that at all.
It certainly makes tension for everyone involved both the shipper and the receiver. So beware of the UPS store and stand right there and watch them do the packing to assure they have done it correct. I am sure you don’t want this to happen to you.
I always pack a figure myself and I have never had a problem but of course I care about what I am shipping. These gorillas that are working only care about their hourly wage and have no regard for you or the item they are packing. This case is self evident. Make sure you take caution with your shipping.

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