Writer's Block

As you all may have noticed I have tried to post something every day on my blog which will be of interest to our community. But it seems I have run into a brick wall the past few days. I just can’t seem to come up with a story or article to write about that would be of any interest. So I decided to write about exactly this. Writer’s block.
I don’t know why but when I get an idea about something as I write the words just seem to flow and the blog appears but you really do have to have an idea. I actually spoke with quite a few of my friends asking for some help and it was a dead end from them as well. Funny how that happens.
Please take the time to write in some ideas you may have about items of interest to you that you would like me to write about.
I noticed that our friend Billy Sobe wrote into the forum asking about Marshall paint because he is trying to find Marshall’s secret. Billy go back into the blog archives about Frank Marshall and we did cover some of this topic. Lee Dean wrote some good thoughts about what Marshall did for his paint and texture. If anyone else has ideas as to the Marshall paint formula lets hear them.
So thanks for reading and please give me some input!!


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4 Responses to Writer's Block

  1. Lee Dean says:

    How a duplicarver works.

  2. Lee Dean says:

    Where did Frank Marshall get his eye inserts, and what did he use as metal clasp to connect the eyelid wire winker.

  3. ken says:

    I have been studying the figures from your Marshall collection. One thing I have noticed on some of these figures is the wedge looking relief cut on the lower portion of the neck, just below the bottom of the mouth piece.

    I have also noticed the “marshall patch,” as well. Did Frank use the neck patch on earlier figures and the wedge looking relief cut on later figures?

    I think that this would be an interesting thing to write about. As a figure maker, I would love to read more about this.

  4. Lee Dean says:

    The Frank Marshall heads are sawed in two halves, but did he also saw out neck from under jaw from front section to do slot jaw sawing then reinstall neck with metal supports suggested by photo in Mechanix Illustrated on Tribute, which leaves lips, how did he separate them, filler use, step by step procedure.

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