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Hi, I remember watching a show on Comedy Central where the performer had a hand puppet and took him apart on stage (a turtle I think) and then he started singing “I ain’t got no body”. I think the performer was having an argument with him and took him apart. Who was the puppet and performer?


If you know who this might be, please leave a comment to help out Brad.




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  1. Bob Isaacson says:

    Years ago Ronn Lucas doing his sock puppet routine; used a few props, hat, cardboard, etc & turned the sock into a turtle & then took it apart….may have been Ronn ..this was about 1981…….Bob Isaacson

  2. Bill Smith says:

    I agree with Bob. It HAS to be Ronn you’re thinking of. That was a GREAT bit! It ended, at least the times I saw it, with Ronn having taken all but the sock off. He told the turtle to say goodbye. The turtle said “Folks, it’s been fun, so, good, good, good, good,bye,bye,bye,bye”. The “Good” & “Bye” words being”echoed” to give the illusion of the puppet going off into oblivion as the sock was removed. The body was just a painted board with a hole near the top for Ronn to put his hand thru. A REAL cute puppet & I NEVER tired of watching this.

  3. Wanlu says:

    I would love to see that clip :)

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