Ventriloquist Pete Michaels In A Music Video

ventriloquist pete michaels

Our good friend Pete Michaels has made his way along with his posse of characters into a brand new music video.

He sent me the link to watch the video and so I decided that I would share it with everyone. I must admit it is pretty good. And Pete you are pretty good too!!

Click here to see ventriloquist Pete Michaels in music video




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9 Responses to Ventriloquist Pete Michaels In A Music Video

  1. Lee Dean says:

    Damn scary. What’s it called, USA Preorder Here or Replay, Yes or No.

  2. Lee Dean says:

    Very good music video whatever it will be called.

  3. Lee Dean says:

    If this is an April fool’s joke, it is elaborate, so must be for real. A little bit of Soap and a little bit of Beetlejuice in the video plot.

  4. Lee Dean says:

    Good song, good show. Very catchy number, Pete Michaels.

  5. Bob Conrad says:

    Sorry, too weird for me.

  6. Okay, let me clarify.

    The name of the song/video is “Flash Delirium.” It is currently getting TV and Radio play in many markets.

    The name of the band is “MGMT.” They are signed with Columbia/Sony and are VERY popular with people without wrinkles, ear hair or bald spots. Namely, 20-somethings. They have a LARGE following both in the US and Europe.

    Most of all, they are really NICE guys. They were great to work with, and even had me do an opening spot for them at The Mercury Lounge here in NYC. The next morning, they took off for a European tour.

    The producer of the video is currently producing Alicia Keys’ next video. If you don’t know who she is, it’s time to go back to the nursing home.

    Yes, it is a weird, surreal video, but I got paid…. VERY WELL.

    Please ask Dan to post any of your TV or Video spots. I’d love to see them.

  7. Josh says:

    The song is Flash Delirium by MGMT. Congrats to Mr. Michaels

  8. Bob Conrad says:

    Sorry, Pete. Didn’t mean to ruffle your feathers. We have never met, but I have watched your video’s and have enjoyed them. My comment was not about you or your abilities, simply that I found the video weird. You might be right I may be too old to appreciate much of today’s popular music. Doesn’t make me a bad person, Weirdness is in. I’m glad you got paid, and enjoyed the experience. No hard feelings. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, I thought the video was weird.

  9. Congratulations Pete Michaels. The ventriloquist principle in this piece exposes abuse, tactics used to deny any person their freedom to speak freely. With bullying and unjust retribution the voice is silenced by the pain of powerlessness. The ventriloquist…unlike the ‘stand-up comic…though related…reminds us of the silent inner voice in all of us. The ventriloquist’s role depicts the magic of speech through humor. It gives us an example of how one’s silent voice may find a way to climb from beneath the gross injustices of power. In this video we see the voice literally ripped from the soul. The art of ventriloquism may perhaps more than any other art form depict the human struggle to circumvent what would tear from any individual their freedom to speak the truth as they see it…a most American value…for which many have given their lives to protect.

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