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Ventriloquist Jay Johnson

One of today’s best ventriloquists is Jay Johnson. His show “The Two And Only” is a wonderful show chronicling the adventures of Jay Johnson on his career path as a ventriloquist. I was privileged to see his performance before the show made it to Broadway in a very small theatre in Cambridge Ma. and I absolutely loved the show.

One of the things in the show that really caught my eye was Jay’s figure which he purchased from Art Sieving. A wonderful figure which Jay still has and brings him out each night in his show.

As a collector of ventriloquist figures I couldn’t get enough of this wonderful figure. Unfortunately for me Mr Sieving’s figures are no where to be found. I have never seen another one of his figures except for the one Jay owns.

I am just curious if any of you out there happen to have a pictures of Mr Sieving’s figures. I think it would be great to see some of his vetriloquial creations.



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3 Responses to Art Sieving Ventriloquist Figure Maker

  1. Bill Smith says:

    Dan, If you are speaking of “Squeeky”, the one in the photo above, I agree. That is a WONDERFUL figure! I know “Bob” helped him get more famous, but I Remember the first time I saw Jay. It was before his “soap” days. He was a guest on the tv show “Sha Na Na” {remember them??}. He was using Squeeky as his main figure at that time, & i still miss squeeky!! VERY lovable character, & i like him best! Sorry Bob! HA! Jay is a GREAT vent, & an even greater person!! What a great compliment he is to this wonderful art!!

  2. Bob Conrad says:

    Saw the show on Broadway, and I have to agree with you. Jay is great, the show was wonderful, and I love “Squeeky”!

  3. Megan Alder says:

    Art was my great uncle, my moms uncle. She has tons of photos he took of her in different scenes and stuff. Very cool!

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