Ventriloquist Figure Maker, Steve Barry – Continued

I received this email from Steve Barry yesterday about my blog post showing of the ventriloquist figure he made for me.  With his permission, I’m sharing it with you:

Hi Dan,

I have been making full size pro figures (I call them stage figures) for many years. Since I have started my blog I have made four of them on it.

When I sold my first figure on eBay in Sept. of 2005, I received 350 dollars for something I put a lot of effort and work into. I decided from then on, I wouldn’t sell stage figures on eBay. I want the price that I decide, not what other people decide. I think Al Stevens said it best. Take all the tools, supplies, material and time that go in to making a figure and then you can make a decision on a figures worth.

The reason I sell conversion figures is not for the almighty dollar.  It is to catch those people on the edge of getting involved in ventriloquism.  They won’t spend 5 to 12 hundred dollars on a stage figure. They don’t want a converted Charlie or Mortimer that they sell on several web sites for 299 dollars. They want something individual to them. I give them that alternative for the same price with much more work put into it.

I have had many people who bought my conversions come back and request stage figures afterwards. That’s how you get them involved  I don’t want it this to be an exclusive club. I want everyone involved. I am constantly emailed by people who ask questions about how to do something when it comes to figure making. They tell me they were ignored by other figure makers or answered vaguely. If they are concerned about competition, they shouldn’t be. The more who get involved, the more demand there will be for their products. Some people will make one for themselves, others will start to make them professionally. They in turn will get other people involved.

 I did not make this figure to prove to you I could. I have never felt the need to prove anything. The only thing I asked is that you restore me to the Makers page. I appreciate that you did this.  I made this figure for you because, I found out that ventriloquism is a passion for you as well as me and I was very impressed with the amount of work you put in to your web site. As I said in my blog, it is my tribute to your work. We could argue about definitions and what your feelings are and my feelings are forever. That is not my or your goal in this field. If I am correct, and I think I am, our goal is to get people involved by our actions.I will continue to do exactly what I do. That is what I decided to do for the reasons I gave you in this letter. I am not, nor have I ever been in the business of deceiving people as I was accused of doing. Anyone whoever felt that way was given ALL of their money back including shipping and handling. I am in the business of giving people an alternative to the run of the mill Juro doll, unpainted, with fleece on its head in a cardboard body sold for the same price I charge for mine. And I offer free mechanical repairs for life.

So we are both in the business of promoting ventriloquism. I get them started, you give them history and background as well as a place to meet and discuss. Thank you for returning me to the Makers page. Feel free to post this letter.  Have a great weekend Dan. Keep up the good work. I’m an avid reader.Steve Barry

Steve and I have had our differences in the past but through many emails, we’ve found a middle ground to agree upon.  Plus, he’s very correct about my passion for ventriloquism and wanting to share as much information as possible with all of you out there.

Thanks, Steve.


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  1. I can´t found the adress or the phone number from Steve Barry / Ventriloquist and Figure maker living in USA

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