Ventriloquist Figure Builder Scott Bryte’s Latest Project


Our good friend Pastor (and ventriloquist figure builder) Scott Bryte, sent both Steve and me an email along with pictures of his latest project.


ConVENTion truly wasn’t the same without you.
I ended up with a few new commissions.
My latest project is another Frankenstein figure. The request was for a copy of Sparky (
click here to see Sparky in the Ventriloquist Central Collection), but I don’t do copies out of principle. It will have some noticeable differences.
I am including a concept sketch, and an email I just sent to the person who commissioned it.

“Now the fun starts!
These 27 pieces will go together to comprise the head.
The reason for all these little parts should become clearer once they start to go together.
Other things will have to go into the head as well, of course.
Plastic eyes
Plastic eyelids
Metal rods
Eye hooks (a half dozen or so)
Springs (8-10 of them)
Piano wire
Suitcase latches
Wiring and sockets for the neck bolts


More pictures to come!”


Thanks Scott for sharing with us. Not sure about everyone else, but I’m looking forward to seeing the results!


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