Ventriloquist ConVENTion Follow Up – Tom Crowl

From Tom Crowl

Here is my final info about the convention.

Start planning now to attend the convention in 2009. Friday night, six of us combined to make Stephen Knowles $1,700 bid mentioned by Bill. We rode over to the museum with Jeff Dunham & family Friday night and had a great time. Saturday I slept in and missed the International Panel, but was able to drag myself in for Pete Michaels’ lecture. I’m pretty sure something happened after that, but it was a fog. The open mics on Saturday afternoon were very good and then Jeff came to the stage with a preview of his Christmas Special and lots of great Q & A. The guy is a class act and very friendly.

I went out for dinner with Ken Groves and Ken Lucas, then got back in time for the evening show. David Turner and Mike Hemmelgarn both got standing ovations and the show closed with Pete Michaels performing Poppa, Krelmen and Sonny & Cher. Following that there were plenty of good-byes at the dealer rooms and hospitality suite.

Before driving back to Maryland I met up with Ken Groves for breakfast and he discussed some possible ideas for next year. It will be a tough convention to top, but I have no doubt that Mark Wade and staff will make it happen.


Tom, thanks for all your updates.




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  1. Patrick Murphy says:

    Is Ken Lucas of Ken & Casey still around and working? I lost track of him around 2004, and I can’t find him. I would really appreciate any info about him. No, he does not owe me any money. I just spent a very enjoyable afternoon with him while on an Alaska cruise, and he tried to get me to go back on stage with my hypnosis show, and if he is still around I would love to see him again.



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