Vent Haven Ventriloquist ConVENTion Report – Bill DeMar

From Bill DeMar

I’m sure there have been others that have reported on the convention, this is just my take on it. Like last year, there was a lot of love being shared. You won’t find a better group of people.

There were 82 newbie’s, and I never really heard what the total number of attendees there were, well over 400. There were some regulars who were not there, and we missed them. Al Stevens, Bob Isaacson to name two.

I doubled up with a fine gentleman, Donald Woodford. What a convention. Everyone knows there is no finer gentleman than Jimmy Nelson. Everyone is always glad to see Jimmy and his lovely wife there. Fine gentlemen seem to run in the vent world. What a gracious, thoughtful, considerate, GENEROUS man Terry Fator is. He gave generously of himself, his time and his money. Ten thousand to the museum.

And Jeff Dunham can not be outdone by either of those find gentlemen, for Jeff also gave Ten thousand,(as he found out) ;-). Both men got a standing ovation, of course. Steven Knowles, (I hope I have that right) gave 1700, along with a very well done, clever auction, which netted another couple thousand, I’m guessing.

What a show, by Terry Fator. I was lucky enough to get one of the hundreds of DVDs he was GIVING away. Jeff did better than an hour of entertaining and Q&A. Dan Horn did a great lecture, AGAIN. Val Hilliker did a lecture and was on the International show, along with Elgregoe and Zilla and Totte, MC’d by Stevo Schuling, of course.

The Sat. night show had Mike Hemmelgran and David Turner who got a standing ovation, and closed with Pete Michaels. MC’d by Jerry Lane.

I don’t know what more anyone could ask for. Mark Wade did a fine job AGAIN. Some fine new people there.

A lot more find things could be said, and more fine people’s names that could be mentioned, but I’m thinking I’m running long. So….maybe someone else can give there version.


Thanks Bill for sharing your thoughts about the ConVENTion.

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