Up Close and Personal With Ventriloquist Terry Fator

Ventriloquist Terry Fator
Ventriloquist Terry Fator

Once again, George Boosey has sent in a link to a wonderful article and interview with ventriloquist Terry Fator.

Click here for an up close and personal interview with ventriloquist Terry Fator


Once again, thanks George.




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5 Responses to Up Close and Personal With Ventriloquist Terry Fator

  1. LeeDean says:

    A very indepth, inspiring piece. Thank you, George Boosey.

  2. Philip Grecian says:

    What an amazing and sweet man Terry Fator is. I watched him and voted for him on AGT. I own his book. I own his video.

    I’m particularly pleased at his love for “It’s a Wonderful Life.” I wrote both a stage version of it and a staged radio drama version. They both play all over Canada and the United States in theatres–professional and community. George Bailey is a great role model. His story offers hope, as does Terry’s.

    Terry Fator is just exactly who he seems to be.
    I hope he never changes.
    We need more people in this world with his good heart.

    I hope to tell him so one day.
    As always, Dan, thanks for the daily vent piece.

  3. Bob Conrad says:

    Great article about a great talent, great ventriloquist, and a real human being. He deserves all the success he has achieved. And he proved that you can make it big without being crude or dirty. I admire him and respect him. Go get-em Terry! You are a credit to the art of Ventriloquism.
    And thaks Dan for sharing.

  4. Bill Smith says:

    WOW!!!! GREAT article!! Thanks Dan,Stee, & Mr. Boosey!! I LOVED his book! He mentions Al Jolson. I have been a fan of that man since I was a kid!! My mom still had 78’s of him. I HAVE the movie “The Jolson Story”, & Terry, If you read this, you CERTAINLY DO capture the love that man had for his craft!!!! There was a sequel called “Jolson Sings for it, but Al Jolson died before it really got going. Larry Parks, who was married to actress Betty Garrett, played the part of Al Jolson, & lip synced to Jolson recordings PERFECTLY for th film! My FAVORITE movie with Jolson HIMSELF in it is “The Singing Kid”, co-starring the ADORABLE Sybil Jason, who, in MY mind FAR outshone Shirley Temple as an actress, & I thik was cuter!! Well, excuse my rambling, but I thought it might interest someone who wondered about the Al Jolson reference in the article.

  5. Bill Smith says:

    Messed up on above! Sequel was called “Jolson Sings again”. a third was planned, & a few songs were recorded for it, but Jolson died before it got going. Sorry about the error. Need to PROOF READ before sending!!

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