This Should Be Easier – Mystery Ventriloquist


From your emails most seem to like the mystery ventriloquist blogs I do. So, I thought I would try and make it pretty easy.

I’m thinking a lot of people should be able to guess this talented person.





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7 Responses to This Should Be Easier – Mystery Ventriloquist

  1. Curtis Jones says:

    I think it is Alan Semok

  2. Greg Claassen says:

    Uh, yeah!!!! Our buddy and pal Al Semok. What do I win?

    Greg Claassen

    P.S. For once I beat Bob Isaacson.

  3. This one is a no brainer.

    The man in the photo is none other than my good friend “The Dummy Doctor,” Alan Semok!

    I first met Alan in 1979 when I was was looking for a figure. He made my first figure “Gitch.” We became fast friends and have remained so ever since.

    He also made “Papa,” who was used by the late Johnny Main, and who is now a part of my act.

    Alan is TRULY one of the greatest figure makers of all time. Both Gitch and Papa still have their ORIGINAL strings! That’s right, 0ver 30 years of use, and they’ve never had to be replaced!

    The mechanics are as smooth as silk, and as far as character faces! Well, it goes without saying that Semok figures are loaded with character.

    Alan has been involved with many TV and Film projects through the years.

    He was also Best Man at our wedding at the Vent Haven Convention in 1994!

    Alan Semok; Figure Maker, Actor, Ventriloquist, FRIEND!

  4. Bob Conrad says:

    That’s Alan Semok. Never met him, but respect and admire his work!

  5. Bill Smith says:

    I have to dis-agree with the above 4 answers. I think it’s Alan Semok! HA! {:^D

  6. Jim Miller says:

    I think it is Howard Kaylen–Lead singer for “The Turtles”..that or Alan Semok!

  7. Duane Echols says:

    Definitely Alan Semok. Although I believe it has been a long time since he had that much hair!!

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