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As we all know, at this point in time, when Edgar Bergen decided to purchase his figure from the Mack’s studio he had to choose from an array of heads. From what I have learned he chose a stock head and then had the Mack’s do some customizing to make it the Irish Newsboy he wanted to use.

I have had this particular figure in my collection for almost as long as I have been collecting. After I first purchased him I was in touch with Joe Lopez, a Charlie McCarthy fanatic, and he informed me that this is the head that Mr Bergen chose. Hence my name Pre Charlie Charlie.

When I purchased this figure the head had been painted maybe ten times over and the wig had been replaced with what had become a ratty excuse for hair. I decided it had to be redone and the end result I have liked for ever. It is Charlie McCarthy from another dimension. LOL All kidding aside if you look at him you can see that with his nose and cheeks thinned a bit Charlie McCarthy is there.

This is a full size Mack figure standing 40″ tall the head stick goes to the bottom board and attached with the original threaded screw into the bottom of the head stick. This gives him a sweet 360 degree rotation which is flawless. He also has one eye which is a rolling winker and of course slot jaw. He dates back to approximately 1920.

I have kept him out of view from the public for quite some time but decided to show him off. I hope you enjoy seeing him.

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6 Responses to Theodore Mack’s Pre Charlie Charlie

  1. Nicholas Dosher says:

    Dan he looks like charlie Mccarthy meets Nemo from the unholy 3 a great figure

  2. George Boosey says:

    Did you add the monicle or did it come with the figure? I notice it has glass in it, unlike the pictures I’ve seen of Charlie’s monicle I’ve seen that appear to be “glass-less.”

    Interesting, the wider nose looks something like the nose on my Oscar, which Ray Guyll said was an add-on — either by Frank Marshall or by Peter Rich. Oscar is a 1947 Marshall

    • keith says:


      Are you saying that this was the actual head Bergen pointed to? Or is it a dupli-carved copy of a hand-carved original? If so, was Charlie a duplicarved copy of it, too? Thanks.

  3. Hi George!! You are correct about the monacle. Charlies had no glass but I happened to have this so I used it. I should find one without the glass though.
    The nose on this Mack figure is original and was carved this way. This head dates about 1920. I happen to know , from Ray Guyll, that your nose on Oscar is an add on. Most likely done by Peter. Ray discussed this with me during his restoration of Oscar for you.

  4. George Boosey says:

    I knew it was an add-on; and I agree with Ray that Peter either did it or had Frank Marshall do it for him during a paint job. Peter was thinking at one time of restoring the original nose, but I told Ray to leave it because it makes him unique among Marshalls, and — now that I’ve seen your Mack — it seems there is some historical precedent.

  5. He is a great looking figure, Dan!

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