Speaking of Jerry Mahoney


One of our regular readers (and someone I’ve done a few deals with from time to time), John Robinson sent me this email and shared some photos as well, so I thought I would share them with the Ventriloquist Central faithful.

Hi Dan, enjoyed your recent blogs showing my favorite guy, J.M. (Layne’s Guyll Jerry & yours today). Would jump on yours if I didn’t already have one; yours is one of the best I’ve seen – rarely do you see them with orig clothes ( mine didn’t have them) . Thought you might enjoy seeing my Jerry family collection; have one (or more) of each kind made (can barely see the tiny keychain Jerry head in first row). Have been very pleased with the Meltzer replica, had to do some minor cosmetic work to it – but like the Meltzer I sold you, it has a real Jerry look & feel to it; I actually like it better – and the clothes are a winner. I protected the Winch signature with several coats of hard urethane. Anyhow, the Mahoney clan continue to outnumber their ’50s peers in my den! (would love to have a full size Danny, have you ever seen one?). Keep up the great work!

Best, John R.






Thanks John for sharing.



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2 Responses to Speaking of Jerry Mahoney

  1. Gary Willner says:

    Beautiful collection, congrats!

  2. Bob Conrad says:

    Great collection John, thanks for sharing Dan.

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