Searching for Frank Marshall Ventriloquist Figure Part 3

Jimmy Nelson with Donny O’Day and Bob Isaacson

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Mr Isaacson, knowing there was going to be a celebration of the 70 year career of Jimmy Nelson, decided he was going to do a tribute routine for Mr Nelson. He wrote and practiced and refined and practiced and finally was comfortable with a very funny and poignant routine which featured Danny O’Day’s first cousin Donny O’Day.

This routine was simply great. Mr Isaacson was able to use the same falsetto voice as Danny O’Day for Donny. His pace and routine were of the highest caliber and of course Bob’s manipulation of Donny was simply the best. At the end of the routine Bob had Jimmy Nelson come on stage and he was presented a timepiece by Donny O’Day.


This was the surprise that Bob had been telling me about. How great was this, to see another ventriloquist do a routine in tribute to Jimmy Nelson using Danny’s first cousin Donny. I can tell you I was blown away. What a gift to the whole ventriloquist community present that night at the ConVENTion.

After the evening’s performances I grabbed Bob and thanked him for such a great surprise. Bob told me he had worked on this for over 3 months perfecting everything in the routine. He said this was just about all he cared about, doing this tribute to Jimmy Nelson. I could tell that Bob was beaming and felt very good about this great performance he had just done.

BUT….that wasn’t the only surprise….

To be continued….




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2 Responses to Searching for Frank Marshall Ventriloquist Figure Part 3

  1. Wanlu says:

    You are killing us with surprises Dan… ;)

    Mr Bob Isaacson is 100% class act…fine gentleman and a true propagator of the art of ventriloquism. May God bless you always Mr Isaacson!


  2. John Robinson says:

    and……… killing us with curiousity! Unfair….. c’mon, Dan, the conclusion – am on the edge of my seat… Did you end up with the Donny? better yet……… do I end up with Donny? :0) Beautiful figure – another tribute to the artistry & skill of Bob Isaacson, and another treasure in his (or someone’s) collection! Any more pics of him? Thanks, John R.

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