My Favorite Ventriloquist Figure

As I peruse the Ventriloquist Central Collection I ask myself over and over again which figure would I consider my favorite. This is a very hard choice to make because all of the figures are special to me or they would not be part of the collection.

Now if you asked what maker is my favorite I of course will answer Frank Marshall but there are figures in the collection that were made by Mr Marshall that I would certainly place way down on the list of favorite figures even though I love them.

Of course everyone who knows about Ventriloquist figures and makers says to me “Oh you must love your McElroy figures!” And while that is true I love them I again am asking if one of them is my favorite figure?!

The past 2 days we posted about Ken Spencer and there are seven of his creations in the Ventriloquist Central Collection. His creations are really great because they certainly say “Dummy” and in no way make you think they are a real person but in the right hands they become animated Cartoon style characters. They are Sooooo cool.

Well I guess I must choose a figure I like best and I think I have to admit as I walk back and forth through the collection the one figure that keeps pulling me in is the figure used by Johnny Main called Archie. He has such a great face and is a loaded Frank Marshall creation and he just makes me feel great when I pick him up and hold his control post. I guess I have to say he is my favorite….well today!!

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Click here to see Johnny Main’s “Archie”




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3 Responses to My Favorite Ventriloquist Figure

  1. LeeDean says:

    I like the Ken Spencer figure most recently acquired, and still say that Spencer figures are a sleeper and will be more valuable than any of the Marshall figures in time.

  2. Marcelo Melison says:

    Dan, I can’t believe that Cy Leonard’s “Happy” is NOT your favourite figure!?!? I think he is the most beautiful figure EVER made… Archie is awesome, I’d love to have him as my stage partner, mind you, but… I don’t know. Maybe I prefer more cartoonish figures for some reason, and Archie looks quite “proper”, as well as most Marshall’s. I guess if I were a professional vent in USA a few years ago, I would go to Ken Spencer for a figure; they are lovely, they have more personality that the Marshall’s (my very humble opinion). And I agree with you, the Spencer figures have “ventriloquist dummy” written all over… I guess my love with the “monkey’ish” figures started when I was five and I saw “Lili” on TV and I fell in love with Carrot Top! That puppet is glorious (I understand he is missing and he wasn’t seeing after the movie was completed in 1953) and that is the type of face I give to the figures I make in paper mache. Just my personal tastes…

  3. Marcelo Melison says:

    … Or if not a Spencer figure, I would get a Doug Anderson figure, they are so very expressive. Do you have any Anderson figure in your collection, Dan?

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