Bow Ties and Ventriloquist Figures

I was pondering the fact that most ventriloquist figures are very well dressed and wear bow ties. I started to think about this because most of the ventriloquist figures of the past, and I mean pre 1960, you will find are dressed in suits with dress shirts and bow ties. This is of course not written in stone but a good 80% of the figures which I have found that are in original costuming are dressed this way.

Jerry Mahoney and Danny O’Day are both pictured with bow ties and maybe because of their popularity this may have prompted the use of the bow tie. Then again I just checked out the pictures in both Theo Mack’s Vent figure catalogue and Frank Marshall’s catalogue and all the male figures are pictured with bow ties.

I have managed to put together a collection of about 200 antique clip on bow ties over the years and have fun changing ties every so often. It is amazing but the difference in colors and size will create a different look. I do enjoy finding and then clothing the figures in Ventriloquist Central Collection and for me the bow tie is an important feature.




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2 Responses to Bow Ties and Ventriloquist Figures

  1. LeeDean says:

    Interesting observation and I don’t know why the bowtie predominates. It’s just historical I guess, and sets dummy apart from the ventriloquist.

  2. bill smith says:

    MY oinion for what it’s worth {if anything}, is that it’s because bowties were a regular dress item all those years, &, not meaning to SLAM any current vents, performers used to actually DRESS UP to perform! So they wanted their partners to look good too. Just the “norm” I guess, just like the unkept look is now. Where’s my tie!! HA!

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