Harold Doc Dougherty’s Foy Brown Figure

foybrown-05-pics 004

Today I am happy to share with you Doc’s Foy Brown figure. This is one of the best faces I have seen by figure maker Foy Brown.

This figure is about 36″ tall and it to only has moth movement. It is all original and still wearing the cloths that Doc dressed him in.

I love the original spats and shoes he is wearing.



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5 Responses to Harold Doc Dougherty’s Foy Brown Figure

  1. Curtis Jones says:

    I agree! this a great face from any maker but Foy Brown………… Winner
    Love the look!

  2. Lee Dean says:

    Doc Dougherty died in 2004.

    “He was 59. Doc was a long time member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians and a former president of the IBM Ring 50 in Washington.
    A native of West Virginia, Doc was only 3 when he began working with his father, who was a magician and ventriloquist, in an act called “Doc Dougherty’s Dolls” which played in theaters and schools. By the time he was 10, Doc had traveled in 32 states as well as Mexico and Canada. During those early years, he performed with carnivals and circuses. In 1965, he was the last magician to ever work a touring showboat. Doc came to the Washington area in the late 1960s hoping to become a radio and television announcer. Somehow that aspiration never made it into his growing list of jobs.

    While at the Smithsonian Institution, Doc was director of photography. He also was a photographer for the New Playwrights Theatre. He served as a stage director for various groups and was involved in six Washington premiers. He taught a magician-actor “10 minutes of bad magic” for the Folger Shakespeare Theatre production of “As You Like It.”

    In more recent years, Doc worked as a photo technician for a Penn Camera store in downtown Washington while continuing to do magic shows at embassies, trade shows and other venues in the Washington area.

    During appearances of master magicians such as David Copperfield in Washington, D.C., Doc often worked behind the scenes as a stage hand.”

    Quoting from Inside Magic for January 27, 2004 http://www.insidemagic.com/magicnews/2004/01/doc-dougherty-dies-after-surgery/

  3. eeteed says:

    I’ve seen photos of foy e. brown with his “rudy” figure. rudy certainly looks like he was carved by mr. brown, but he also looks like he was carved and painted with more care than other brown figures that I’ve seen.
    did mr. brown lose his “touch” over the years, or were the photos I’ve seen of rudy a bit deceptive?

  4. Dan says:

    Rudy is in the Ventriloquist Central Collection. It was carved by Revelloo Petee. It was repainted by Foy more than once over the years. Doc’s Foy Brown figure is how Foy painted most of the time.

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