Guest Blog – Restoration of a Pinxy Ventriloquist Figure – By Steve Hurst

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I was contacted by a Lynn Hoskins to do a restoration on a ventriloquist figure. When he sent pictures of the figure, at the time I couldn’t decide who the maker was. It kind of had a Marshallesque look to it, but the leather upper lip and lower jaw kind of threw me.

I asked my partner Dan if he has any ideas. He said it did have a Marshallesque look to it, but he thought it might be a Pinxy because he also copied Marshall in some of his techniques.

When Lynn first contacted me, he said one of the eyes was busted and there was a small tear in the leather on the chin. I told him I would be happy to restore it for him.

I asked him what he planned on doing with the figure and he stated that it had been his Dad’s figure. His Dad had performed in the service with “Archie”. Lynn stated he wanted to use “Archie” in his business by doing some training and performing.

When I received Archie, I started taking him apart to see if I could figure out who the maker was. I knew that Pinxy usually put his name on the bottom of the neck.

However, when I took the head out of the body and check the bottom of the neck….no Pinxy. At this point, I started to get excited thinking this may be a Marshall and preceded to take the head apart.

Once I had the head apart, I was surprised to see “Pinxy” carved in the back of the head. Dan was right….so I called him immediately to tell him the news and ask if he had every seen or heard of Pinxy carving his name in the back of the head, to which he said no.

After I started going through Archie seeing the condition he was in, I contacted Lynn and told him that if he really wanted to perform with Archie, he was in dire need of a paint job. The paint had faded to a very pale looking face over the years. Lynn agreed.




Steve, thanks for sharing this Pinxy restoration with us.




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3 Responses to Guest Blog – Restoration of a Pinxy Ventriloquist Figure – By Steve Hurst

  1. Lee Dean says:

    Very good paint job.

  2. Bob Isaacson says:

    Steve did an outstanding restoration on this Pinxy. I’m sure it was confusing at first; due to the fact it looks like a Marshall, outside & inside. Didn’t know Steve was so talented in the “figure ” dept……must have picked up a lot of techniques from Ray Guyll. Anyone out there needing a restoration job on a figure; maybe better contact Steve.

  3. Philip Grecian says:

    Wow! I’m particularly interested in articles like this, as I’m converting a 1970’s “living mouth” African-American female Lovik figure to a slot-jawed Caucasian old lady. I’ve been blowing up and examining photos here, as well as going through my Brose and Claassen books. Looks like I need to get the Guyl book, too, eh? Splendid work, Steve!

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