Frank Marshall Ventriloquist Figures from Down Under


A few weeks back, Colin Williams from Australia, sent in a photo of his Frank Marshall ventriloquist figures.

We asked for more information about these figures and he was kind enough to send us a little “history”:


I reckon the little guy on the right is a perfect example of ‘the master’s’ work; he was certainly a genius. He is all original, as you can tell (except the clothes) with beautiful paintwork and only the one movement. From my readings of Frank Marshall’s work, he felt he was able to carve more character in the face if he didn’t have the worry of multiple movements.

The girl doll was made for Australian professional ventriloquist Ron Blaskett (now aged 88). He sent several pictures to Frank in 1958 with how he wanted ‘Sandra Simpkins’ to look. I really believe this is the nicest female face I have seen. (the profile is great too) I think that many of the women dolls you see have the basic male characteristics, it’s only the wig which makes the difference.

In addition to the mouth, she has ‘rolling eye winks,’ and of course, original paint work. I am the third owner of the bigger guy, on the left. The owner before me had some repairs done and, by the look of it, a bit of a paint job too. He has moving, and cross eyes, winks, eyebrows and top lip.

I’m just sorry that you two weren’t able to go to the 2008 Convention, which I managed to get to. I was looking forward so much to meeting you both. How you can find the time to send info whilst this convention is on, amazes me; you are so thoughtful to those who can’t make it.
Best wishes from Down Under,

Colin, thanks for sending us this information to share with the readers of Ventriloquist Central.

And…since you’ll be unable to make this years Vent Haven ConVENTion, be sure to stay tuned because we have some extra special coverage planned for those who can’t make it. More about that in a few days.




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3 Responses to Frank Marshall Ventriloquist Figures from Down Under

  1. Lee Dean says:

    As with all the many videos made by VC come convention time, both before, after and during, and the time and work it must entail, it amazes me that Frank Marshall made so many figures. When I see one appear I think well that will be the last one but then another one comes along

  2. Lee Dean says:

    Colin, Steve and Dan, all others, check out and sign up for school assembly work.

  3. Bill Smith says:

    I’m SOOOO glad I was at the 2008 conVENTion!! I was next after Colin in the registration line, & we became fast friends & stuck together at the convention & vent haven, not knowing many others. I had a great time chatting with this fine gentelman. Great to see you here Colin. Hope all is well with you, Carmel, & Andrew. All my very best.

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