Frank Marshall Pricing

Frank Marshall was not a cheap way to go for a ventriloquist figure back in the heyday of ventriloquism. Everyone forgets the inflation factor when talking about prices from back in those days. An item that a person would purchase for $25.00 was a very princely sum when you consider that a weekly wage at that time was around $60.00.

His figures were rather expensive and I can now prove this by way of a wonderful Railway Express invoice that I just acquired.  This was for the super figure I have listed in my Marshall figures which was made for Jimmy Jedry. His figure was priced at $225.00 and he had a C.O.D. balance of $175.00 upon receipt of his figure. The invoice is dated August 21, 1947.

Just stop and think about how much money that price was for this figure back in 1947 in today’s dollars. I hope you enjoy seeing this great piece of Frank Marshall memorabilia.

Click Here to see Frank Marshall Invoice


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