Alan Semok Ventriloquist Figure Maker

Everyone in the ventriloquist community knows who Alan Semok is. His credits over the past 4 decades, as the dummy doctor, are to numerous to mention. He has made some terrific ventriloquist figures for sure but many of you may never have seen his catalogue so I thought you would like to take a look at what this master craftsman was making back in the 1970’s. Bob Abdou ” Mr. Puppet” was kind enough to send me a copy of this for us all to enjoy!! I wonder if you contacted Mr Semok and asked him if he could make you one of these great figures loaded for the prices on this list. Oh how hindsight is such a wonderful thing.


 Ventriloquist Central Presents Al Semok Catalog    Ventriloquist Central Presents Al Semok Catalog


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  1. timothy1368 says:


    I currently have an Alan Semok figure I am selling on e-bay. Check it out. As a collector (and given your contacts), maybe you know someone who would like to give him a new hom.



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