Famous Ventriloquist Revealed

I had a great many guesses this time on the mystery photo we posted and had many that guessed the identity correct. I had many that guessed incorrect too. So here is the answer. This is Dennis Alwood at the age of 13 with his original Turner figure. Congratulations to all of you who guessed right.

The following was the first email I received and it was from Bob Isaacson and it gives some great information that I thought everyone would like to know.

Good morning Dan…It was too easy for me…the young fellow with the glasses & the Turner figure is Dennis Alwood. When Dennis lived near Chicago , “way back then”…He & I were members of the Marshall Montgomery Branch of the IBV, in Chicago. We’d meet in an office of an amateur Vent & magicians office ( man was Herb Borin ). Herb’s office was in the same bldg. at 192 N. Clark St. ( where Frank Marshall was located from 1950- 1954). Frank, also attended the meetings. Long time ago, when we were little kids………..Bob

Thanks, Bob, for sharing this with us.

Here’s the picture along with an article about Dennis.

Dennis Alwood01 Dennis Alwood02



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