Cataract Surgery Aftermath on The Ventriloquist Figure Collector

I was so excited after I had my cataract surgery on June 1 because I could see perfectly again. All that was excitement was smashed on June 27th because on that morning I started to see things floating in my newly repaired eye.

I happened to be out of town but called my Ophthalmologist and she told me she wanted to see me the moment I returned which was on the 30th.

The Doctor dilated my eye and then informed me that I was in the lucky 1% group and I had a tear in my retina ( this sometimes occurs after cataract surgery) and the floaters I was seeing was actually blot in the Vitreous Fluid in the eye. She referred me to another specialist that treats just injuries to the retina and I saw him the very next day which was July 1.

I had to undergo cryosurgery for one of the tears and laser surgery for the second tear. The cry uses cold to freeze around the tear causing scaring to seal the tear. The other tear was on the back side of the retina so he had to use laser on that one. The 2 procedures took about 20 minutes each and even though there is little pain involved believe me it is invasive. So now the repairs are done but I still have the floaters which can take from a few days to months to go away. Since they are blood they are absorbed back into the body. I hope it is days and not months for this to happen.

I see him again on Friday July 8 and hopefully he will give me the all clear to fly so that I don’t miss the conVENTion. So everyone please keep your fingers crossed.




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6 Responses to Cataract Surgery Aftermath on The Ventriloquist Figure Collector

  1. Wishing you all the best and a speedy recovery.

  2. Philip Grecian says:

    Yipe. Hey, Dan, I’ve got cataract surgery coming up in just under three weeks. Nobody told me about the retina tear thing. Meanwhile, I had a friend with a detached retina who went through some hell the last couple of weeks. Now I’m a little worried. But I’m glad YOU’RE through it and through with it. Take care and mend well.

  3. John Robinson says:

    My prayers for complete healing are with you, Dan

  4. Michael Kwas says:

    congratulations, wishing you well

  5. Bill Smith says:

    Dan, if he says you can’t fly in your condition, take a plane {sorry couldn’t resist}. Hope all goes smooth & quick!

  6. Dan Willinger says:

    I want to thank you all for your well wishes. I am planning to go to conVENTion and am thinking positive.

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