Bob Abdou and a Frank Marshall Ventriloquist Figure

frank marshall bob abdou
Jim Gentil and Bob Abdou

Well once again, Bob Abdou/Mr.Puppet has sent us in another gem.

The Year 1938
Bob Abdou/Mr.Puppet

What could you buy in 1938 back then?

Cost of a gallon of Gas 10 cents
Average Price for new car $763.00
Liptons Noodle Soup 10 Cents

What else? For $27.50 you could own your own carved original Frank Marshall figure, delivered to you with satisfaction, material and workmanship, as told by Frank Marshall himself.

marshall invoice
An original invoice from Frank Marshall

I had the privilege of associating with Jim Gentil of Austin, Texas. Jim’s profession has given him the name Mr.Positive. Jim’s motto is: Positive People are Happy and Happy People are Positive! Here is his website for more information a must for anyone wanting to make changes in their life, me included.

Jim learned to be a magician from his father Alvin, who also was a ventriloquist. Attached is a copy of the invoice sent to Alvin from Frank Marshall about the dummy created for Alvin’s magic show. The photo shows Jim with his father’s dummy that also has a smoking effect (cost $3.50). When we were together, I also brought my Bob Isaacson creation that I call “Issac”. When I held the dummy, the actual invoice and letter sent by Frank Marshall, my hands were shaking. It was like holding the bat of Babe Ruth. I was very privileged and honored to be with Jim Gentil this day and wanted to share this gem with your readers about what the business of Frank Marshall.

Bob Abdou

Thanks Bob for this wonderful story.



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