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Puppetry Guild | Bob Abdou/Mr. Puppet

Once again Bob Abdou/Mr. Puppet has sent us blog to share with everyone.

Puppetry Guild! Who Me? Yes You? But why, I’m a Ventriloquist??…..Exactly!!

I am a big supporter of hangin’ with others who appreciate puppets, they can be newbies, professionals, competitors, big shots, small shots, hobbyists or just lurkers. We can all do ourselves a favor and our art form a big boost by being open to associate because the benefits will be rewarding forever.

Being a ventriloquist means that we become an actor/actress (performing) magician (misdirection) juggler (juggling one act after another) illusionist (creating life on stage) storyteller (routines with our puppets) and puppeteer (those who bring life to an inanimate object). Did you realize you were all those besides a ventriloquist?

Joining a puppetry guild in your state will allow you to become not only a better ventriloquist but a better entertainer. As a member of a puppetry guild, you will learn outside the ventriloquist box and realize that a ventriloquist is more than just standing on stage telling jokes to a block of wood. Word on the street is that some guilds don’t recognize ventriloquist as puppetry, don’t let that stop you from associating. This rumor is not true and only a few folks might think this way because they don’t know any better. You can make ventriloquism hip by becoming an active member of your local puppetry guild.

As a working ventriloquist, I am always looking for stage time ( being a full time vent, one must realize that after each gig we are unemployed). One great venue is to perform to those who also appreciate puppetry, ventriloquism included. Those who work with puppets also can teach us a thing or two about controls, manipulation, stage and stage presence. Remember most puppeteers create and make their own puppets where most ventriloquists buy them from figure makers.

My advise to you readers is to associate, your social skills and personality will be appreciated, and who knows we can learn a thing or two from those outside the ventriloquist community!!

Hope to see you at the October Birthday Bash in Boston!!
Your ventbro
Bob Abdou

Thanks, Bob.



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