Bob Abdou/Mr. Puppet Shares His Interview with Jimmy Nelson’s Farfel








Our friend, Bob Abdou/Mr. Puppet, is sharing an interview he did with Jimmy Nelson’s Farfel, back when he published the Barker magazine.  Here’s Bob explanation:

When the ventriloquist community needed a magazine, I stepped up being in the printing business for 25 years, I took over when Dialogue discontinued publication. I wanted the first issue to be a home run so I turned to Mr. Jimmy Nelson for the interview. After the Ventriloquist convention in Las Vegas in 1999 where Mr. Nelson was given the Askins award I contacted him. Mr. Nelson invited me to his home in Cape Coral Florida and there is where the Barker magazine starts off. Farfel was chosen to answer my interview questions. The front cover of the very first Barker magazine premiered Farfel titled “Farfel Barks” and signed by Mr. Nelson.

Enjoy the interview,

Bob Abdou/Mr.Puppet

Below is the interview (click on thumbnails to enlarge)

Farfel Barks Part 1

Farfel Barks Part 2

Farfel Barks Part 3






Thanks, Bob, for sharing this piece of history!

Steve and Dan


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