W.S. Berger – Vent Haven ConVENTion


Well it’s that time of year again. By now those that are going have either left for the ventriloquist ConVENTion or getting ready to leave. For all of you traveling, have a safe trip.

If you are going to the ConVENTion, I’d like to ask your help. Since neither Steve nor I are able to make it this year, we’d like to be able to provide updates to those that can’t go. If you’re taking your computer, please email us with updates that we can post on the blog.

Or, if you want, please call Steve and let him know. If you would like to do this, call Steve to set this up…he has a toll free number 877-857-2532. We would appreciate any updates you can give us.

Today there is a nice article in the Courier-Journal about Vent Haven.

Click here to see article.

Have fun at the ConVENTion and for those not going…stay tuned for updates.



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