Wigs for Ventriloquist Figures

It seems that one of the hardest items to find for vent figures are good wigs. Well here Are a few tips to help you solve that problem. I have found that both Salvation Army stores and Morgan Memorial stores both have used wigs at times (or any other thrift store in your region). They are, for the most part too large for a vent figure but with a little patience you can cut them down to fit.
Of course there is Ebay on which you will always find a very large selection of wigs for sale and sometimes you will also find used wigs. I have and they have been invaluable.
This time of the year you can also check your “Walmart”, “Osco Drug”, “Walgreen’s”, and “I Party” for their left over and greatly discounted Halloween wigs. The Mullet can be cut down for a great wig.
There is also a great place called Paula Young Wigs. There you can find wigs of every size color and length to complete your figure. Petite size works very well and they offer the petite size in many of their wig selections.  So take a look. www.paulayoung.com


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