Who Is Your Favorite Ventriloquist?

Last week on the Ventriloquist Central Fan Page on Facebook we asked this question….

Who is your favorite ventriloquist of all time?

We got quite a few great comments so thought we would ask the same question here…..(leave your comments below).

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11 Responses to Who Is Your Favorite Ventriloquist?

  1. Ony Carcamo says:

    Bergen, of course…

  2. Ben North says:

    Winch !

  3. While I became aware of his work only a few years ago, the late, great Ray Alan is my favorite. His technique, lip control, manipulation, timing were all perfect. But his strongest skill had´╗┐ to be his characterization. The inebriated, aristocratic Lord Charles is one of the most original and unique vent characters in history.

  4. George Boosey says:

    Historically, Bergen and Winchell. Present day, Jay Johnson — for his talent and his appreciation for the history of the art.

  5. Bob Conrad says:

    It is extremely hard to pin it down to one. There are so many great vents that have influenced me. In the beginning it was Paul Winchell, he started the spark that made me become a ventriloquist. Today there are so many Jay Johnson, Dan Horn, Ronn Lucas, Terry Fator, Willie Tylor and of course Jimmy Nelson. They have all played an important part in my life as a vent. But Winchell started the ball rolling.

  6. Cal says:

    Bergman: for his character development and manipulation, not so much on lip control
    Winchell: character development, ingenuity, manipulation and lip control
    Ray Alan: character development, ingenuity, manipulation, lip control and how he aged his character as time went on
    Jeff Dunham: ingenuity, character development, manipulation and how he has increased the popularity of ventriloquism and adapted through out the years
    Terry Fator: character development, manipulation and how he has increased the popularity of ventriloquism

  7. Ben Vee says:

    Gosh that’s a tough question Dan :) I can’t say I have a particular favourite but there are definitely those who influenced me as a kid like Jay Johnson in Soap. Jeff Dunham is a current vent who I really enjoy watching perform.

  8. Jimmy Smith says:

    Mr. Bergen!

  9. Gary Koepke says:

    Personally, my current favorites are David Turner and Taylor Mason.

    Gary Koepke

  10. Bill Matthews says:

    Now THERE’S a loaded question. Old school, I’d have to say Bergen, Winchell, and Nelson. All had great character development, innovation, and manipulation. They were all technically superb! Edgar Bergen takes a lot of heat for his periodic lip movement, but that was sort of his trademark. He had above average lip control when he wanted. Today? Geraldine Regan, Terry Fator, and Jeff Dunham. All for the same reasons as above. All are excellent ventriloquists that are par-excellence. Geraldine may be the lesser known of the 3, but she is one of the best Gospel ventriloquists that are out there (which to me is quite important, since that’s what I am).

  11. Kevin Butler says:

    My favorite ventriloquits are:Paul Winchell,Jimmy Nelson,Shari Lewis,Angela Martin and Tony Thomas.

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