Who is 20 and Performing Ventriloquism?

This email was sent to me and I thought it would be great to share with the readers of Ventriloquist Central:

For a while I have tried to get friends into ventriloquism but it’s been hard. They seem to consider it “an old man’s world”.

I’m 21 and my friends are all around that age so usually the request I get most is “show me some one my age doing ventriloquism” and I always think “that’s too easy” but it’s not. It seems easy to find kids at 8 or 9 starting out in ventriloquism or people who have been in the business for 20 years.

Can you recommend some ventriloquists to check out that are 20 somethings? It’s hard to convince friends to like something where the only people they see involved in it could be their parents.

Josh Minetree


So, can you help this young man out with others who are in their 20’s and performing ventriloquist?



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5 Responses to Who is 20 and Performing Ventriloquism?

  1. Bob Abdou says:

    Yes Avery Jones from Alabama. He is a very active vent and puppeteer. I just got off the phone with his father Curtis who is also a vent. He told me that Avery just got hired by the city of Columbus Georgia to give lessons 3x every Saturday for 6 weeks. Avery also had a busy summer with library shows. He is the next generation of vent. Remember his name…Avery Jones!

  2. Bill Smith says:

    Part of the problem is, as you know, it’s not like a magic trick you buy in a box, read the directions, practice a few times, & amaze your friends & family. Vent takes WORK! & even MORE so if you’re to be any good. Plus, these days, computers make it much easier to be “amazed” than watching a show. I’m 51 soon, but i started into vent at 17, & can tell you, i had the same problem. I felt SOOOOO alone! You need to remember though, that when i started, there was NO internet with all these great vent sites like this one, email, facebook, etc., etc.. BUT, if you have not gone to the convention in kentucky yet, if you can, DO IT! You’ll meet a LOT of wonderful young vents there that you can keep in touch with via the net. It truly IS a brighter day these days for the young vents that way than it was when us old fogies were young. So take heart & chin up. You’re NOT alone. Happy venting :)

  3. Ted Nunes says:

    I’d point them to Nina Conti and Carla Rhodes. Hot ladies doing something makes anything seem like a better idea.

  4. Tom Crowl says:

    Add Sarah Jones from Australia to that list. I’m not giving an age, but she is young, talented and I predict one of the stars of the future.


  5. Nate Brown says:

    Im Thrilled to find someone around my age who is a Ventriloquist im 19 and have been doing it since i was 11 and i’m kinda mad Bob didn’t mention me (just kidding bob)

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