Webmaster AND Ventriloquist, Steve Hurst With Charlie Dawg

I’ve always known that my webmaster, Steve is a ventriloquist, but have never seen any of his performances. In fact, since he moved to Oklahoma (3 years ago) and started his own business, he hasn’t been performing.

However, he sent me a video of a “holiday” performance he did 12 years ago. After I saw it, I told him we have to post this on the blog. It took some arm twisting, but he finally relented. Here’s Steve’s story about this short clip:

Hi Dan,

Here’s this video I was telling you about. This happened back in 1996 around the holidays. The local cable company was asking businesses to do a holiday greetings video and in turn, it would be a way to promote the businesses. The cable company was going to run these “promotional greetings” during December on the local access channel.

At the time I was doing kidshows in western Washington. I knew the guy in charge of these videos so when he asked if I wanted to do it, I said. “SURE!” I wanted them to put my phone number on the screen too, but he said they could only do the name. I figured that would still be okay because I had ads in party planners, parent guides and other publications throughout the Seattle area.

Well, as you’ll see by the video, everything went okay EXCEPT….they spelled my last name wrong. They refunded my money, however, I still got a couple of jobs from the exposure.


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[flashvideo filename=http://ventriloquistcentral.com/ventriloquist-steve-hurst-charlie-dawg-happy-holidays/ventriloquist-steve-hurst-charlie-dawg-happy-holidays.flv /]



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  1. bob abdou says:

    Hey Steve, great video, good lip control, cool character and since you are not performing anymore, thanks for the material!!

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