Video of A Very Early Len Insull Figure


Here is a video of a very early Len Insull figure (dating from the mid 1940’s) which is in remarkable condition that is for sale on the Ventriloquist Marketplace.

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7 Responses to Video of A Very Early Len Insull Figure

  1. LeeDean says:

    This may be a very valuable figure if Insull installed the weighted eyes.

  2. Lee there are no ifs on the weighted eye movement. It is original. Len also used the weighted eyes in his pocket figures. It was a function he offered.

  3. LeeDean says:

    I never saw one and did not know he offered weighted eyees. The one I had and which I thought was around 44″ and believe standard was uni-direction eyes using spring and a pull string.

  4. Matt Kimbro says:

    Love the INSULL but love the Gevril Tribeca MORE! I’ll buy it!

  5. Lee Dean says:

    I have tendency to think of Insull as living mouth only and Frank Marshall as slot jaw only. As shown by figure made for Doc Sonntag that Bob Isaacson recently put up Marshall did make living mouth, not limited to Nelson’s cat, and recent post on Mr. D’s site showed an Insull slot jaw I think. I have never seen an Insull catalog and the article on Insull’s figure making gives numbers and kinds of figures but nothing about things like weighted eyes but for that matter neither did Marshall’s catalog. I wonder if he made any weighted eyes figures. I guess they both did it all.

  6. Christian Schantz says:

    Who was the owner of that Insull? Can you tell the rest of us now?

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