Ventriloquist Masks….Wood?

One of the items I do not have in the Ventriloquist Central Collection is the mask. I guess I have not found one old enough to make me want to purchase it for the collection.

I know that there were law suits a couple decades ago about the use and sale of this ventriloquial item but the fact is that this utility ventriloquist item is OLD. It has been used for nearly a hundred years as far as I can tell.

At one time I had the chance to purchase a talking mask that was wood carved. It was being sold by an auction house and I used a proxy bid for it but unfortunately for me it was sold to a higher bidder that was present at the sale.

I have always regretted that I hadn’t put in a high bid because as of today it is the only one I have ever heard that was for sale. I was the under bidder at a very low price.

I am just curious if any of you, my readers, have ever seen a mask made of wood ?



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6 Responses to Ventriloquist Masks….Wood?

  1. Ony Carcamo says:

    I tried to carve one for me, but later discarded the idea. The mask is to be worn on the face of a volunteer, and wood is not the best material for it (in my opinion). The face may be wet with perspiration and facial oil and those may be harder to clean on wood. Fiberglass/urethane/plastic materials are easier to clean, and they are more lightweight than wood.

  2. Oh no, not THIS again.

  3. Scott Bryte says:

    Maybe you could have one made…?

  4. LeeDean says:

    Put a halloween mask inside the wood one as a throwaway protector.

  5. Gary Koepke says:

    I made one once about 40 years ago. I sealed the inside so it could be cleaned, but also put in the foam rubber to protect the wearer so really the only part that got dirty was the rubber. Wonder whatever happened to it.

  6. peter Hefty says:

    I now use a wooden mask that I found in Mexico,I truly belive its orgin is spain,The mask is full faced and only had moving mouth,but I sent it to Steve Barry and he did a wonderful job making moving eyebrows and moving eves with a gear stick.I also wondered if this could have been used in front of someones face like they do with the half mask,but Iam only using it as a talking mask.

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