Ventriloquist Figures Cased or Uncased

I have been engaged in a thread about having your figures cased if you are not using them. This is very tough for everyone to answer. If you only have one or two figures and they are your tools then more than likely you are going to keep them in a case with the heads covered and the hands gloved and you take them out when you perform. This I understand and go along with one hundred percent.

If you have multiple figures and you like looking at them then I don’t think that they have to be cased. Sit them on a chair or on the couch and let them be a part of the family. They don’t eat, complain, ask to change the station and in some cases you pick one up and it talks and says everything you can’t.

Now if you are a collector some have talked about having figures encased in clear cases for viewing. For me this just misses the point entirely. I like to have all the figures out and ready to be picked up and used at any moment. What fun is it to have a collection that you can’t handle. Even though I do not perform I still love to pic them up and work them and I never know which one I want to use. I have all the figures out and if anyone comes to visit I actually encourage them to use them and see what the controls of these older figures are like.

Most folks that pic up a Frank Marshall figure and feel how smooth and noiseless the functions are become amazed. Yes the controls on these old figures are that good. I am following what WS Berger did in the last century and that is when you come here you can play. He did that at the Vent Haven but unfortunately today that is no longer allowed. Also bring your camera if you come to Ventriloquist Central Collection as I encourage picture taking and yes you can use a flash.





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3 Responses to Ventriloquist Figures Cased or Uncased

  1. Philip Grecian says:

    You are a very generous man.

  2. LeeDean says:

    Mr. Berger would allow me to handle the figures. I think I remember him telling me not to touch the paint, and of course to be careful. Cleaning a control post is one thing, and easy to do, but the paint is something else.

  3. LeeDean says:

    As for a glass case not practical in your collection, but for me it is with several young grandchildren around all of the time. I take figure out and let them work it. They invariably want to hands-on hands, hair and face. I ask them not to touch the face saying might smear the paint. I have to fix from time to time with soft, damp cloth, or brush hair, but if I were not around they’d have it apart. I have steel O shaped horse ring tied to string which attaches to jaw lever string, hangs down and a little of the string and ring come out at corner of the locked glass case door, and so this seems to satisfy them to be able to pull the O string to make mouth move, and with a hard jerking motion make body move too, all of which does not last long and they go play baseball or hide and seek.

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