Ventriloquist Figure Raising Eyebrows ala Marshall

I was asked about Frank Marshall’s raising eyebrows and how he was able to make them raise in a horizontal position as compared to the windshield wiper style. I wanted to help so that he could do it in the figure he was building so I am going to describe the mechanism Frank designed to accomplish this effect.

The first thing Frank did was placement of the eyebrow end. It is in the correct position of a human eyebrow. He actually made a vertical slot in which the bend rides for the end wire of the eyebrow. See picture 1.

marshall eyebrows001

Then Frank made a bar which has to right angle bends at the ends with a straight throw across the middle. See picture 2

marshall eyebrows002

Directly in the middle of the cross bar the control cord is attached and runs down through the head stick and terminated out the front center of same and attached to the lever. See picture 3 and 4.

marshall eyebrows003

marshall eyebrows004

Pulling on the lever pulls the bar towards the back of the head which on the front of the head causes the brows to rise.

On the left side of the bar is the attachment of a small spring which also attaches to the top of the head. This gives the return of the bar to the correct position. Marshall used 2 tiny pieces of metal rod as stops. See pictures 5 and 6.

marshall eyebrows005

marshall eyebrows006

I hope this answers all the questions as to how Mr Marshall accomplished his correct eye brow movements.



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