Ventriloquist Figure Maker, Frank Marshall & Some of His Creations


Here is a picture of Frank Marshall and a bunch of his creations owned by some famous and some not so famous people.

How many of these ventriloquist figures can you guess???




Dan Willinger is a ventriloquism enthusiast and ventriloquist figure collector. He has been collecting for over 25 years. His collection of ventriloquist figures now numbers over 100 figures of which there are over 50 Frank Marshall figures. Because of his love for the art of ventriloquism, Mr. Willinger created the website Ventriloquist Central. For more information about the website, go to:

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9 Responses to Ventriloquist Figure Maker, Frank Marshall & Some of His Creations

  1. bob abdou says:

    Hey Dan

    Your question is “How many??”

    let me take a stab at this…….I say 11

    was I right???

    ha ha

    great photo


  2. OK Smart A%^ ,
    let me rephrase: How many of the pictured Marshall ventriloquist figures can you identify and name??!!

  3. George Boosey says:

    I think Bob is right on!

    The only one I think I recognize is top row, right.

    It looks like Windy Higgins, but wasn’t Mr. Stadleman’s Windy a Mack figure?


  4. George you are correct about identifying Windy Higgins and it was a Marshall figure. Threre are a couple other very well know figures in the photo!!

  5. Ony Carcamo says:

    Paul Stadelman wrote in his book, “Ventriloquism of Today,” page 27, that “Charlie Mack carved Windy Higgins in 1913, and Charlie McCarthy in 1922…”

    He maintained that Windy was created 1913–and it’s been said that Marshall started working for the Mack in 1914-1915. So how could Windy be a Marshall figure?


  6. George I inncorectly said Marshall. I meant Mack!! I did say you were right. My mistake!!

  7. OK Guys one of the most famous Marshall figures is sitting on the table ! Can you see who he is???

  8. Matt Kimbro says:

    Danny O’ Day

  9. Wanlu says:


    Mr Bergen and the Raymonds (Schaibleys) are listed in Mr Marshall’s catalog as clients using his figures…Charlie was made in 1922 and Woody in 1918 while Goody also in 1922…which can only mean Mr Marshall could have made those figures, otherwise why will he include their names in his catalog? :)

    But Mr Paul Stadelman is not in Mr Marshall’s list because Windy was made in 1913…clearly before Mr Marshall worked for the Macks.


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