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With collecting I must mention that some other builders of relatively lower priced figures are also out there. Cecil Gough produced so fine figures in both slot jaw and English mouth design.

He was even contracted by W.S. Burger to produce a copy of a McElroy figure and he did a rather fine job of it too. There is a great article about Cecil Gough in the Popular Mechanics Magazine of December 1954 called “Look Inside A Dummy’s Head”.

His figures although not plentiful today are not priced very high. You can find them from $400 to $1000 depending on the type and functions.

Cecil seemed to gravitate to the English style of controls and in his article he even shows a whole page of figure heads which are actually Len Insull heads. No where does he say this but on the opposite page are pictures of his heads. Quite different.

So if you are looking for something a bit different but don’t want to break your piggy bank, look for a Gough dummy.

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9 Responses to Ventriloquist Figure Maker – Cecil Gough

  1. LeeDean says:

    Very, very heavy dummy, I remember. Used to milk cows growing up and had to lift old milk cans around dairy barn, and made a mental note back in 1956 Gough figures were that heavy, without milk, about 50 pounds. Berger had me carry and set up Goughs at Pittsburgh convention. They were as heavy as Jacko, who came along also, but that McElroy was worth its weight in gold.

  2. Bob Conrad says:

    Back in the early 1960’s I had a figure made by Cecil Gough. It looked very much like the head in Fig 4. Mine had side to side eyes and th English style mouth. I used it for a few years and sold it, completely lost track of it.
    It was a very nice figure and worked very well.

  3. LeeDean says:

    I have just now looked at Bob Conrad’s website, and it certainly is a good one, very impressive.

  4. Sue Owens says:

    Cecil Gough was my great uncle. I’m not a ventrilliquist, but I would love to purchase one of his figures. Anyone have an idea where I might find one for sale?

    • martin kean says:

      i am cecil gough’s grandson…thank you for your tasteful prewservation of my grandfather’s memory sue owens pls contact me…seems we are long lost 2d cousins….

      • Sue Owens says:

        Hello, Martin!
        Haha! Posted my first remark in 09, you reply in 11, I get back to you in 2015! No wonder we are “long lost cousins”. I have to look at the family tree, but I beleive Cecil Gough was my Greatgrandmother’s brother. Her name was Mary Elisabeth Gough. I have an old family pic of him along with a news clipping, hi obit. That talks about his early years in pharmaceuticals (?) etc. Been a while since I looked at it! I enjoy digging into family history, so please feel free to contact me! But let’s not wait another 6 years! Sue

        • Elizabeth Claflin says:

          Cecil Gough was my grandfather, I truly appreciate all you have done to preserve my Grandfather’s memory. I understand the ventriloquists ‘s had a club or something of that sort in the Midwest Ohio, Indiana,Illinois and I think Kentucky, does anyone know of where these ventriloquists had their gigs.
          Sue I hope you see my message before 2023. Definitely long lost cousins. Florida is an interesting place to live.

  5. Sue Owens says:

    Your email is not available from this site Martin, assuming mine is not visible to you either. I don’t think it wise to post for the world to see. Maybe who ever manages this site will send us each other’s email? Any other ideas?

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