Ventriloquist Figure Collection Auction Questions

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Here is a quick update on some points I have been asked. In a private auction house there is always what is called a buyers premium. That is a percentage that the auction house ads to the final hammer price.

Most auction houses today charge between 20% and 25% on top of the final hammer price. Crown Auctions is one of the very few left that only charges 10% buyers premium.

Also the Auction house themselves to not do shipping but they have a UPS store they can recommend that they use and they also have other shipping companies they can recommend. I suggest you contact them but I was assured they will be adding this information to the Crown Auction website.

Finally I will not be giving any information as to hidden reserves or what I will have to get for any figures in the sale. It is totally up to you to decide how much a figure is worth to you then you place your bid.

If you are the high bidder you will win. It is as easy as that. I just can’t respond to everyone asking these kind of questions. I hope this helps everyone who has been asking.

I am happy that everyone is excited about the sale and I do hope that everyone is able to get one of the figures for their own use or collection. As I said before this was the fairest way to disperse the collection to everyone.



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4 Responses to Ventriloquist Figure Collection Auction Questions

  1. Phil McConkey says:

    Went to Auction House website and it says Buyers
    Premium is 15%….why is there a Buyers Premium at all?
    On eBay Auction the Seller pays a Commision on
    Sale…Buyer pays nothing extra as it should be…what cost does the Seller incurr
    on this Crown Auction Site?..if any at all?

    • Dan says:

      Phil every auction house that is privately owned charges both a buyer and seller percentage. Check out Soethbys or Christies or any other and you will find the buyers premium is over 20% and in most cases closer to 25%. If you didn’t know this the auction house need to charge these to pay for their existance. If they didn’t charge they would not be in business.

    • Just an FYI the buyers premium is 10% for in-house bidders and people bidding directly with us. If you are using an online bidding platform the bidding platform charges the extra 5%. That does not go to us. We usually charge 15%-17% for our regular auctions but have dropped the premium to 10% for the Ventriloquist Auction as a courtesy to those who wish to bid online.
      Also, please note, that even if you are bidding through ebay, the buyer’s premium still applies.

  2. There are no hidden reserves for this auction. As long as we can get a reasonable opening bid every figure in the collection will sell!

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