Ventriloquist Figure Charlie McCarthy and His Place in the TV Room


A while back I showed everyone the great Charlie McCarthy that Bob Isaacson carved and who now resides in the Ventriloquist Central Collection but has a premiere seat in my TV room (click here to see the special seating blog). When I did this blog I said there was a story about this particular happening and my wife Helen.

She insisted the Ventriloquist Central Collection was to be in one room and not to spill out so I guess I have to now tell the story of how this happened and her reaction.

I fell in love with this Charlie as you all know and could not decide where to sit him in the collection. I wanted him to be seen and not lost in the huge forest of all the other figures. I had him sitting on the pool table in the middle of the room but after weeks sitting there I had to give him a permanent place to sit. I literally moved over a 100 figures trying to find the best spot because to me he is just that important. No place worked and I was getting frustrated.

I went and sat down on my sofa in the TV room and spied the Chinese stand and ran back into the other room and got Charlie. When I placed him on the stand I just knew it was right. But….what about Helen’s rule? I knew there was going to be sparks.

Even though Helen and I live in the same house she spends most of her time in other areas of the house and does not venture near the collection all that often. So Charlie had been sitting on the stand for a few days.

Then, as I know it would happen, I was in the Ventriloquist Central Collection room when I heard Helen shout “What is he doing sitting in here?!!!” I began to shake and immediately came in the TV room to see Helen with steam emanating from her collar and ears!!

LOL I calmly said “Charlie told me this is where he wants to sit because he could not see the TV from the other room.”

Helen said “OH NO” but Charlie said “OH Yes!!”

Helen turned around and said nothing and went upstairs. All I could think of was boy am I going to get it.

A few days passed and Helen told me that Charlie really does look good sitting in his place of honor but no more are to invade the living space. I told her I agree.

Boy will she be upset when Mortimer joins Charlie!!



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2 Responses to Ventriloquist Figure Charlie McCarthy and His Place in the TV Room

  1. LeeDean says:

    When I see the figure on the stand my first thought is what if somebody bumps the stand, will figure fall off, like in The Cradle Will Rock scene where the fine Semok creation falls on its own in the movie. I hope this never happens, to Charlie or to Mortimer when he gets in there with his own stand, both fine Isaacson creations. I guess they are stabilized somehow

  2. Rodolfo says:

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