Ventriloquist Family from Australia

One of our good friends from “down under” Colin Williams sent this little gem in to us here at Ventriloquist Central:

colin ventriloquist dummies


Hi Dan,
A belated ‘happy new year’. Thanks again for a great start to the year; as usual I have very much been enjoying what you have been putting up. I enjoy everything, but in particular, the videos. I thought you might like to see ‘my family’.

You will certainly be able to identify with the makers, except ‘the old girl’ on the right. The “old girl” who I named Aunt Harriet has a slot jaw (not quite up to Frank’s standard !!) and a drop in head. This was my first and certainly last attempt of making a figure, which I did 35 years ago. I started with a hunk of clay, then made a plaster cast and finished it off in fibreglass. It was a pretty ordinary job!!!

I hope you are keeping well and please continue with your great articles!

Best wishes,


Colin, thanks for sharing with us.



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7 Responses to Ventriloquist Family from Australia

  1. LeeDean says:

    She looks good to me. Very good work Colin Williams.

  2. Bob Isaacson says:

    WOW…what a collection of beautiful figures (the vent figures) Colin is not included. Ha Ha…really a wonderful bunch of figures; a lucky man, thanks for sharing with us.

  3. Bob Conrad says:

    Quite an impressive collection of figures, the Mortimer looks very nice, I seem to be partial to Mortimer. And don’t sell yourself short the Old Lady on the end looks fine to me.

  4. Mike Randall says:

    great collection!
    Are you a vent as well or just a collector?
    Are they all working figures?
    and are those LEN INSULL figures??
    I LOVE those!!
    Wonderful Photo!!

  5. Matt Kimbro says:

    Wonderful collection! The Ray Guyll Mortimer is my favorite as well – but Mortimer is my favorite figure, and Guyll is my favorite figure maker, so it makes sense.

  6. Colin Williams says:

    Yes Mike I am a vent. I was inspired by Australian Ventriloquiest Ron Blaskett back in 1957.(at the age of 16) He used three Marshall figures of which one is the girl in the photo. He sent a drawing to Frank Marshall and the master did an accurate copy. Yes the two on the left side of the photo are Insull’s. The bigger figure I purchased from Davenports, London in 1959 so he is coming up to 53 years old !! He’s additional movements are top lip, moving eyes, 2 winks, eyebrows, wiggling ears and he has a real hair wig. My father was insistant that I learn a profession !! (probably wise) so I have only worked professionally on a part time basis. Fortunately because of this, the figure is still in top condition. Original paint work, no touch ups, and all movements including leather mouth are still working fine. All the figures are working well. Thanks everyone for your kind remarks regarding the old woman doll. When I saw Bob’s Charlie & Mortimer I just couldn’t believe my eyes. One day I hope to visit Dan and see them “in the flesh !” My Mortimer is of course by Ray Guyll – what an absolute genious and what a nice man as well. If anyone can make a better figure than him I’d like to meet him !!

  7. Colin Williams says:

    Apologies for the typo everyone – VENTRILOQUIST !!!! (Just proves that everything should be checked carefully before sending !!)

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